York Energy

Planet Earth is humanity’s most precious possession. It’s the only home mankind has. Keeping our planet in good shape is everyone’s responsibility. The challenge of maintaining our standard of living at the same time as protecting the planet is a tough task, and our society is increasingly demanding that we act responsibly to protect our planet. Energy is at the heart of this dilemma. In practical terms this means reducing our carbon footprint through wise energy choices every day.

York Energy plans to help mankind in reducing Carbon Emissions by 1.5 million metric tonnes annually by 2015. It is our intent to accomplish this through the development of sustainable biopower on a Global scale. The three pillars of our strategy are; biomass fuels, biomass power and sustainable transport solutions. Many companies see opportunities in these elements of bioenergy, but York Energy is unique in developing an integrated approach from the forest to the light switch.

York Energy has already started on this path with its own investments in Canada and Europe. It is our preference to own and operate our fuel and power facilities, but our commitment to biopower is much deeper, and we are interested in working with co-developers to realize their visions for green power.

If you are ready to be part of our commitment to humanity’s future, please contact us.